What drives you bonkers as a parent makes you an EXCELLENT public speaker!

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A few weeks ago my daughter woke up one morning and asked me, “Mommy, what are we doing today?” I told her, “First, we’ll go to the potty.” And before I could get out, “And then…” she asked, “Why?” And, if you are a parent you know exactly where this is going, she’s asked me, “Why?” after almost everything I’ve …

I’m Finally Telling the Truth + Your Spotlight Talk has arrived!

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Half-truths. They feel benign enough until too many of them stack-up and then are served back to us at the most inopportune moment. “I will have that email to you within the hour.” It seems harmless, even when we know we really won’t fire it off until the next morning, until we get passed over for a promotion because of …