Now is your time to be seen

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Just remember that the walls you face are not for you. They are for those who thought the path would be easy. For those who don’t want it bad enough. For those who feel their work isn’t important enough to help others step into their moxie. My husband wrote these words to me this passed Christmas. At the time I …

Candid speaking advice from a speaking coach so you don’t choke when you speak

Don’t Choke When You Speak

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“I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so excited. I’m so….scared.” I have always loved the Saved by the Bell episode when Elizabeth Berkley utters these words mid-meltdown. Fortunately, unlike Berkley’s character, Jessie Spano, I’ve never had an addiction to caffeine pills; but I have unsuccessfully dated perfectionism most of my life. And there is nowhere a perfectionist’s anxiety surfaces …