Now is your time to be seen

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Alexia Vernon Nelson, NV Photo ShootJust remember that the walls you face are not for you.

They are for those who thought the path would be easy.

For those who don’t want it bad enough.

For those who feel their work isn’t important enough to help others step into their moxie.

My husband wrote these words to me this passed Christmas.

At the time I was suffering from a Your Spotlight Talk launch hangover, questioning whether this launch stuff was for me, whether I was making a big enough impact, and how best to steer my ship in the new year.

When we start to stretch out of our comfort zone and try new ways of being.

When we start facilitating “difficult” conversations rather than fearing them.

When we position ourselves for a promotion.

When we acknowledge we have an important message to share and start getting on stage to speak it…

We often feel our power, or our moxie, in these moments. And then, shortly after, our bodies don’t know what to do with all of the new sensation they are experiencing. We can revert back into old paradigms of thinking and behaving. It’s why too many entrepreneurs lose their wealth shortly after creating it. And why new leaders often are let go in just a few years after their promotions.

It’s typically not an under performance issue.

It’s a visibility one.

With a platform comes responsibility. We must get comfortable—mentally and physically—with being seen and not self-sabotage ourselves, and as a result, the people we are serving.

I am blessed to have a husband who truly sees me. My love language is words of affirmation, and my guy knows exactly what to say in those moments when I step back from my power rather than forward into the next layer of it.

And last Sunday, rather than watch the Super Bowl, my husband willingly drove an hour out of Las Vegas to an old ghost town, Nelson, to shoot hundreds of new photos for me. For my business. In order for me to be able to launch new programs and websites.

He sees my vision, and my capacity to deliver on it, even when I don’t.

I want you to know that I see yours.

When you know you are under earning, at your job or in your business, I’m there pushing you to ask for more.

When you have an idea for a project or a program that defies the mold of what has been done, I’m there whispering for you to be a renegade and try it.

And when you envision yourself stepping onto the stage, and just thinking about the eyes of your audience members makes you sweat, I am there too. I’m reminding you to breathe, make eye contact, and mentally say “thank you” for this opportunity to receive the attention of an audience—an audience who is hungry for you to satiate them with your wisdom. And wit.

This is your time.

To ask for more.

To try what hasn’t been done before.

To step into the spotlight.

To be seen.

4 Opportunities for Visibility

  1. I’m a little over 1 month away from my MasterTreat, a mastermind-meets-retreat for emerging and evolving transformational female speakers. Extraordinary women are coming to mastertreat. Crazy successful entrepreneurs. Authors. Professional speakers and trainers. Nonprofit leaders. Healers. Women, no matter where they are in their careers and businesses, who want my head, heart and soul supporting them to create and refine soul-stirring presentations and develop the strategy and materials to get booked to give them. I have just 2 spots left, and no intention of doing another mastermind on public speaking in 2015. In addition to shared accommodations in a 10,000+ square foot mansion, delicious plant-based food and numerous opportunities for authentic relationship building and self-care, MasterTreat participants receive my virtual TED-style talk development training program, Your Spotlight Talk ($497 value) and a one-on-one Skype coaching session with me (priceless as I do not offer single coaching sessions). Because I am planning this weekend around the specific needs of MasterTreaters, I am closing registration on Tuesday, February 10. If you want one of the remaining 2 seats, register for the MasterTreat ASAP.
  1. In my last post, I shared the speaker submission guidelines for the TEDxWomen event I host in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of TEDxWomen events happening around the world during TEDWomen 2015, May 28-29. Find an event near you and submit to speak. (Note: You can remove the TEDxWomen filter from this page, and search for traditional upcoming TEDx events as well.)
  1. My friend Selena Soo (a brilliant publicity + business strategist) has created a signature training video revealing the 3 secrets to elevating your brand, supercharging your earnings, and getting big opportunities to be seen and to serve. (Selena started her business with a bang, launching her website with endorsements from people like Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte and editors from places like Oprah Magazine. Selena is the real deal…and an introvert like me!) Access Selena’s FREE Video Training, “Get VIP Access to Media, Influencers + Online Stars” while it’s still available.
  1. For me, a big part of getting comfortable being seen has been working with coaches who see me too. Who see how I was put here to create in the world. And, who are clear on my blind spots and know how to help me troubleshoot them. For anyone wanting to scale his or her consulting success, particularly if s/he wants to do it through high quality media opportunities, there are few, if any, greater, more affordable opportunities to do so than with Peter Shankman. The founder of leading PR service, Help A Reporter Out (HARO), Peter is a wildly successful serial entrepreneur, angel investor, NYT bestselling author, and he runs a boutique social media, marketing and PR strategy firm with an unparalleled client list. Peter is coming to Las Vegas on February 10 to lead his one-day mastermind, Shankminds, to support up to 20 entrepreneurs and thought leaders in growing their businesses (quickly), increasing revenue (without taking on crazy new expenses), and harnessing the media for platform building. I’m not an affiliate. I’m paying my way like everyone else who has chosen to attend. I just know this day will help me move through some lingering visibility blocks, and I want everyone looking for an efficient, effective and affordable masterminding opportunity to be aware of it. Learn more and register for Shankminds Vegas.