The Virus That Changed My Life…for the Better


Alexia Vernon and Daughter on LaptopsSome days my professional life looks like this. More often than not, my daughter and I are sprawled out on her playmat between my coaching sessions and events. And other days, I find myself crying in bed during one of the precious moments when she’s sleeping or napping, and I surrender to frustration over something related to the backend of my business.

This summer I’ve added several people to my business team, and yet I was nevertheless thrown completely off balance when a few weeks ago I realized that my Influencer Academy website was infected. And this particular virus was sending mobile users to an ap for pornography. So not cool. Definitely not what I mean when I tell people I run a women’s empowerment program.

This virus was a bad one; something that my team couldn’t correct. I learned on Facebook that somebody else had the same thing happen to her business site. I reached out, and the person got to the source of the infection, but more importantly, she identified that my hosting was horrible. My back-ups were inadequate. And that for the scale of my upcoming Your Spotlight Talk launch, she let me know that my server was not prepared to handle the anticipated volume of traffic.

The tears quickly cleared. And I got back to playing with my daughter on her playmat when she woke up.

It’s easy when we get sick, whether we have a viral or bacterial infection or just feel exhausted or overwhelmed by what’s going on in our life or work, to ask, “Why me?!” I used to hate that question, but now I realize it’s a good one as long as we make it a genuine question and not a rhetorical one.

“Why me?” might be to save you from a bigger problem down the line.

“Why me?” could be to introduce you to a fabulous person you otherwise wouldn’t collide with.

And “why me?” sometimes is totally random. Nevertheless, it’s an opportunity to practice responding with calm rather than crazy when we encounter the unexpected.

Because of this experience, I feel so much more at ease announcing that my Your Spotlight Talk program “Coming Soon” page is now live. In my first digital training program, leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and other thought leaders like you who know you have an idea that can create positive change in the world, will learn step-by-step how sculpt it into a transformation call to action and get on stage to share it.

To get yourself on the VIP list for the program, and to be notified when the free video training for the program goes live, drop your name and email address on the site.