I’m Retiring, and Here’s One Last Chance to Work One-on-One Together

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2012-05-25 12.08.49Effective September 1, 2014, I will no longer be taking on one-on-one speaking and leadership clients.

I intend be spending more time in Hawaii, as this picture suggests, AND I’ll be focusing on scaling my Influencer Academy here in Las Vegas as well as bringing it to companies around the country. I’ll also be launching a variety of virtual and low-residency public speaking programs. Before I share the why, and a special last opportunity to nab some one-on-one Lex time, if we have been coaching together know that we can continue our work together through November 2014. And I’m happy to facilitate connections to other coaches in my niche for your ongoing development.

I adore the people I’ve had the privilege to coach since beginning my coaching journey as a student at Coach U in 2007. I always thought the most powerful work I would do would come from these intimate professional relationships I’ve cultivated. I’ve been a catalyst for women and men moving from middle-management into senior leadership, for entrepreneurs using public speaking to begin and scale businesses, and for professionals who have needed a safe developmental space to fine tune their pitches, strategies for negotiations, and difficult conversations with significant others and loved ones. What I’ve seen through my group programs over the last few years, though, is that some of the greatest learning, growth, and results comes from the groups I have built. Plus, continuing to do one-on-one coaching has meant that I have gotten in my own way of developing some of the projects I know can bring my work to thousands of people throughout the country, in even more meaningful and interactive ways.

Over the last 2 years, most of my one-on-one coaching has centered on public speaking. I’ve supported close to 100 individual women and men as they’ve birthed their signature talks, keynotes, and company trainings. I know this is one of my gifts–helping thought leaders find the stories, structure, style, and speaking gigs to scale the impact they are making in the world.

So…I will be taking on 10 people this August, from around the country, who want that one last chance to develop or dial-up their speaking careers with me through one-on-one coaching. And I’m doing it at the best price I’ve ever offered for a public speaking/training coaching package.

Here’s what my 10 future speaking supernovas will receive individually through our time together.

  • 4, 45-minute, one-on-one coaching sessions conducted via Skype or phone to develop your speaking/training topics and content. Note: All sessions must be completed by October 31, 2014. (Value – $897)
  • An action plan to get you speaking in your desired markets within 90 days. Whether you are an entrepreneur, HR or business leader, educator, or creative, I’ll share with you the specific opportunities that align with your goals-and how to make them a reality. (Value – $197)
  • The copy and design of a professional speaker one-sheet to get you booked. (Value – $497)
  • A customized pitching template for you to submit yourself to speak/train at TED-style events, conferences, and companies. (Value – $297)

Total value of this coaching package – $1888

ONE TIME ONLY PRICE – 2 payments of $547 or 1 payment of $997.

Do you want to be considered for 1 of these 10 spots?

Simply send an email to “Info@AlexiaVernon.com” with “I’m ready to speak” in the subject of your email, and we’ll schedule a time to chat in the next 7-days to see if we’re a good fit to jam together this August-October.

Hear from a few of the people whose lives have soared as a result of our public speaking work together.

Toshia Shaw HeSince speaking at TEDx, I am no longer afraid to approach any speaking opportunity or stage. Within 1 year of speaking at TEDx, I have been a beacon of hope for other sex violence survivors, seen an increase in my life-coaching business, and even secured a top speaking agent.  What I know now is that I deserve to be on a stage, to tell my story, and that there are no limits to where I can go as a speaker. I have been able to transform dreams into reality and that wouldn’t have been possible without Alexia’s exceptional speaking coaching.

Toshia Shaw

Founder of Purple W.I.N.G.S., behavioral health expert, sexual health educator, change agent, and TEDx speaker

Christina AmbubuyogWorking with Alexia was phenomenal! Even though I was coming from a background facilitating workshops and classes and I was comfortable teaching in front of groups, I definitely wasn’t fully comfortable speaking in front of an audience. I knew I wanted to “find my voice”, get cozy in my skin while on stage, and weave in the ability to tell stories for greater impact with my message. Alexia provided me with all that and more. What I love and appreciate about Alexia is that she gives you very detailed ways to make new changes and enhance your natural communication style. Knowing how to reshape those old habits while claiming what’s already great about how I communicate has really helped me feel like I already got this, now it’s just about good old practice. Thank you Alexia! I feel like I truly have a voice now.

Christina Ambubuyog

Founder, ILoveIntuition.com and TEDx speaker

Stef YTWTI was nowhere with my speaking prior to joining Alexia’s program. This wasn’t due to lack of ideas, talent or skill – it was because I had for YEARS ignored my desire to speak in front of an audience. Alexia saw that desire in me – and through her ability to meet me exactly where I was, helped me create a tour de force talk that is a full on 100% expression of who I am.

Alexia’s coaching style is the perfect blend of compassion, professionalism, expertise and cutting edge tools. She guided me to create a talk that bolstered my confidence in myself, lifted my spirits, and benefitted my business. Professionals I deeply respect called my talk “amazing,” “profound,” “funny,” “honest,” and “moving.” 

Speaking at Alexia’s Mastery was a game changer because it felt like I had finally stepped into my calling – I re-claimed a piece of me that was missing from my career and business. Alexia’s program helped me recognize anew the value I bring to my business, my clients, and the world.

Stefanie Frank

Content Strategist, Writer, Speaker

Adria DeCorteI used to rely on PowerPoints or notes and ramble a lot when speaking in public. Throughout her public speaking program, Alexia gave me actionable pointers that I was able to take and immediately apply for huge results in my performance and confidence. She is detail-oriented, and her advice is spot on. With her guidance, I advanced ten times faster, including getting my first live on-air TV interview. On the first day of her program, my speaking was awkward and rehearsed, and I felt embarrassed and phony afterwards. Three months later, at our final performance, I was able to look into audience members’ eyes while I spoke and feel a true connection. Family and friends in the audience later told me they were blown away by my delivery and clarity of message. I finally feel like when I speak it’s about more than just remembering words. 

Through Alexia’s exercises and insightful feedback, I’ve evolved my message to reflect my true calling and found the confidence and know-how to pitch myself as a speaker. I spoke at an event the day after our program final performance, and, thanks to everything I learned in the program, I was able to craft a 10-minute speech with a single day’s preparation and perform it authentically, from the heart. I knew I was finally inspiring others when the host called me a “powerful speaker”.

Adria DeCorte

BodyLove Wellness Coach and Speaker

Samantha CunninghamAfter working with Alexia I have found confidence as a leader and public speaker. Previously I was timid, vulnerable and insecure with my wording, topic, posture and voice.  I evolved by taking her course and learning how to uncover attributes about me that I did not know existed based on stepping out of my comfort zone. I have given multiple presentations in front of groups larger than 40 since I worked with Alexia. I FINALLY feel comfortable with myself and presentations. Alexia connects with her students and makes sure they are successful and feel comfortable about their speaking.  

Samantha Cunningham

Account Executive, Robert Half Technology

Get yourself on my lengthly list of success stories.

Simply send an email to “Info@AlexiaVernon.com” with “I’m ready to speak” in the subject of your email, and we’ll get a call on the calendar.