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A Guru Called Me “Brilliant” + Workshops That Wow FREE Video Series

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I am always looking to dial-up my speaking and business game. Without allowing myself to get distracted by shiny object syndrome, I’m clear that the only way I can consistently over deliver on my clients’ expectations is if I put myself in the position to have others over deliver on mine. So it’s rare that I go a full quarter without enrolling in some kind of course or coaching program.

I caught up with one of my mentors last week, and he shared with me something that was really concerning him about his son. I listened. I thought about it. And I offered him a reframe, to which he replied, “Lex, you are brilliant. One of the many things I love about you is your ability to offer a new, better lens through which to see one’s world.”

I felt like I had just won a large sum of money, hearing someone I so look up to, who has engineered such extraordinary success as a speaker and transformational learning expert, see me EXACTLY the way I want to be seen.

And he’s right. While there are a lot of things I’m pretty decent at, half a dozen things I’m really lousy at, one of my chief gifts in this world is my ability to facilitate deep, lasting insight for other entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change agents—and show them how to take action on them.

I began my career as a trainer and facilitator. It’s what I know and do best. It’s what I most love to teach other people how to do for their communities.

On Thursday, I release the first video of my Workshops That Wow training. In it I share:

  • The unlikely way I got started leading workshops (and why beginning before I was ready made me successful)
  • The core competencies required to lead a transformational workshop (and how to start developing them immediately)
  • How to share the spotlight with your workshop participants (fyi, leading workshops is one of the easiest ways to get started with speaking)
  • How to over deliver on participant expectations (by learning the most important tenets of adult learning theory)

In the remaining videos of this FREE series, I detail how to activate your ‘secret sauce’ as a workshop leader, how to use stories to inspire workshop participants to learn, grow and transform, and how to generate substantial revenue from leading a live workshop.

Whether workshops are your jam, or you have thought about leading corporate training, retreats, or your own mastermind (for the principles I teach apply to all), if leading intimate, high-touch live events is a dream or a part of your existing business plan I HIGHLY recommend you sign-up (if you haven’t already!).

Sign up for my Workshops That Wow video series, and I’ll see you in your inbox this Thursday with access details for video 1.