Why I Give It All Away (my reasons and my results)

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I gave away A LOT of free content this summer. To be specific, 3 Workshops That Wow video trainings, 4 live master classes, 2 webinars, 6 podcasts, 3 video interviews, 3 articles, and countless group and one-on-one Q+A calls and Periscopes. I poured my everything into giving new and existing members of my tribe complimentary access to me and to …

workshops that wow

A Guru Called Me “Brilliant” + Workshops That Wow FREE Video Series

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I am always looking to dial-up my speaking and business game. Without allowing myself to get distracted by shiny object syndrome, I’m clear that the only way I can consistently over deliver on my clients’ expectations is if I put myself in the position to have others over deliver on mine. So it’s rare that I go a full quarter …

You’re not an [insert expletive]… you just communicated like one

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Normally, if my husband Steve said something like this to me, I’d be devastated. But a few weeks ago, they were the EXACT words I needed to hear. Earlier that day I was feeling a little battered and bruised after one of my webinars. I had been really off of my delivery game. Not only had I used a lot …