You’re not an [insert expletive]… you just communicated like one

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Normally, if my husband Steve said something like this to me, I’d be devastated. But a few weeks ago, they were the EXACT words I needed to hear.

Earlier that day I was feeling a little battered and bruised after one of my webinars. I had been really off of my delivery game. Not only had I used a lot of filler words like “um” and “right”, but I also spoke multiple sentences that literally made no sense.

It was an important webinar, I had an audience of 200+ people, and I bungled it.

When I told Steve I felt like an [insert expletive], the one that is another name for a donkey, he was wise enough not to tell me I was wrong. Instead he reminded me of something I say all of the time to my clients.

You are not a poor communicator. You are just behaving like one.

No matter how adept we get at our communication, we are always going to have moments where we are off our game. Whether that means we are long-winded, we forget to smile and make eye contact, or we are downright nasty with our words, the sooner we can own our flub ups as communication blunders rather than personality defects, the easier it will be for us to reset and move on. Without repeat them.

One of the areas where a lot of people are extra prone to communication mishaps is in our conversations with our mates. My parents are divorced. And while I enjoy rock solid relationships with both of them, my default relationship communication setting is to flip flop between what I observed in my childhood. I alternate between stuffing down my thoughts and emotions and spewing venom when pushed to what feels like a breaking point.

Fortunately, I found my soul mate pretty early in life. One of the reasons I knew he was my forever before I had even earned my college degree was because of the ease with which we communicated. We are a work-in-progress, like any couple, and to this day (and we’ve been together over 13 years) I know that many of my worst communication mistakes will come out with him if and when we are having a heated conversation.

And, given that I’m just a few weeks away from launching my virtual group coaching program, Your Spotlight Workshop, you better believe emotions in my house are up, sleep is down and the capacity for conflict is at an all time high. Throw into the mix a full slate of private clients, SUV issues and some travel and, well, thank goodness one of my clients is Dr. Shawn Haywood.

Do you like that segue?

Truly, I only take on private speaking clients who I know I can learn and grow from as the best coaching and mentoring relationships for me (and for my clients) are reciprocal.

Shawn is a masterful couples coach. She believes that when couples are inspired, adventurous, connected and communicating with vulnerability and care that the planet becomes a better place for all of us. Shawn and her husband Chris have been traveling the world for over a year in a 187 square foot Airstream, and they are co-facilitating an intimate Fall Back in Love with Your Marriage retreat this fall for 6 couples that want to create more freedom and expansion in their marriage. (Airstream not required.)

From building playful and practical tools for communicating effectively in everyday and high stakes situations (including how to back out of potentially explosive conversations before they escalate) to how to set and achieve realistic (and sometimes even outrageous) marriage goals and heal old marriage wounds, Shawn and Chris are co-creating a phenomenal weekend.

I’m incredibly passionate about what Shawn is birthing, and if you are interested in learning more about Shawn’s relationship coaching, you can grab her Soul Mate Rescue Plan and check out the retreat details here.

I’ve also got some other opportunities you may be interested in—with me and with another one of my colleagues. More details below!

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***One last thing… I thought you might get a kick out of knowing that somebody from the webinar I mentioned earlier reached out to me with a big opportunity while I was writing this to you. Yet another reminder that even when we think our communication is sub par, it may not be quite as messy as we thought it was.