The danger of taking advice from people like me

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While we are just a few days away from “falling back” and moving into Daylight Saving Time, the last few weeks there have been many moments where I’ve felt like I could just “fall down.” Although I’ve never felt more on purpose or happy, I’m simultaneously feeling wiped out. While to be fair having a series of 7-day workweeks and …

Take a Stand with Fran Drescher, Lewis Howes, Deborah Kagan & ME!

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Last weekend I listened to a phenomenal conversation between Elizabeth Gilbert and Brené Brown on Liz’s Magic Lessons podcast. They addressed many topics at the intersections of creativity and personal narrative, including when it’s appropriate to share your stories. After all, Brené has become connected to her quote, “Shame cannot survive being spoken.” But… Brené is also unwavering in her …

workshops that wow

A Guru Called Me “Brilliant” + Workshops That Wow FREE Video Series

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I am always looking to dial-up my speaking and business game. Without allowing myself to get distracted by shiny object syndrome, I’m clear that the only way I can consistently over deliver on my clients’ expectations is if I put myself in the position to have others over deliver on mine. So it’s rare that I go a full quarter …