Size Matters (get your head out of the gutter, important content awaits!)

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Throughout the nearly 10 years I’ve had my consulting business, I’ve heard 1 of 2 theories when it comes to email list size.

The size of your list is everything. Once you hit 5000 subscribers you can easily build and sustain a 6-figure plus business.

Then, the second theory.

List size is rubbish. It’s all about how engaged your audience is.

I wish I could say the second response is accurate, and I do most definitely believe that numbers only matter if subscribers are actually opening your emails, but the truth is I deprioritized building my list for waaaaaaaaaaaaay (there are not enough “a’s” to make my point here) too long.

When I began my pre-launch training for Your Spotlight Talk, I had less than 1000 people on my list. I thought I was going to have a 6-figure launch because I had close to a 70 percent open rate. I was, sadly, very wrong.

Fast forward not even 2 years later, my list is over 7-times the size that it was. While there are no guarantees with an online business, what I can tell you is that enrolling people into online and offline programs and experiences is waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier. And, more predictable and profitable now.

A lot of change agents, service providers and business leaders who move from offline to online don’t understand how to build their lists in a way that aligns with their values, doesn’t make them a slave to crafting emails and running webinars and that, well, works.

That’s why when Kamila Gornia, a top-notch digital marketing strategist, approached me about being a speaker for her tele-summit, Grow Your List By Thousands, I was in.

Kamila has a dynamite line-up of 23 entrepreneurs sharing their tips – and Kamila also has speakers, like yours truly, who aren’t going to pigeonhole you into taking action that doesn’t feel good or relies on cliché formulas that may or may not work for your unique circumstances.

I love that Kamila was eager for me to share my philosophy on why public speaking is such an effective way to grow an engaged online community of subscribers and clients, and if list building is a priority of yours (and if you are a business owner it really should be), be sure to sign-up for this FREE virtual event.

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Another Opportunity You Want to Jump On

If you have been in my community for any length of time, or you are a Your Spotlight Talk alum, than you know that one of my favorite speakers, coaches, change agents and humans is Ms. Toshia Shaw. I had the privilege of first meeting Toshia in September 2013. She was picked to speak at TEDxFremontEastWomen, participated in my Influencer Academy program and has gone on to secure a top speaking agent, tours around the country speaking about her sex trafficking advocacy work and harrowing journey out of the darkness and back into the light.

Toshia has thrived amidst unspeakable trauma and has become a beacon of hope for survivors of sex violence and trauma all over the world.

Toshia recently published a book, The Green Light of Forgiveness, that illuminates the power of forgiveness and how to use it to heal from trauma, reclaim your life and experience ongoing peace and happiness. Chockfull of tools and techniques to make forgiveness habitual, I can’t think of anybody better to be a messenger for this content than Toshia.

You can purchase The Green Light of Forgiveness in paperback and on Kindle.

For more information on Toshia’s powerful individual and group transformational coaching packages, you can also connect with her here.