How different types of speaking can help you generate leads

You can keynote AND speak for leads

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When a lot of my coaching, consulting, and thought leadership clients first speak with me about their speaking goals, one of the biggest fears they reveal to me is that they can’t do different types of speaking and instead they will have to choose one platform for their speaking. And they don’t want to. While many entrepreneurs aspire to deliver …

If we want anyone, whether in early childhood or older adulthood to step into moxie, we need to give them opportunities to role-play their communication aloud before asking them to speak up – or expecting them to have unshakeable presence when they do it.

JoJo Bows, Susan B. Anthony and Stepping into Moxie Family-Style

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After one of my September speaking trips, I came home to discover that my daughter had gone full-on princess. Within less than one-month of Pre-K, she had fallen in love with bows worn by a YouTube child star (despite having never watched YouTube), come home from school wearing a friend’s make-up, and while I was away, also developed a new …

One way to engage men post #MeToo and #TimesUp - make it safe for them to be vulnerable and ask questions

What a recent speaking gig taught me about men

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A few weeks ago, I premiered my new presentation – We’re Listening: How Companies Champion Their Women Post #MeToo and #TimesUp. It’s a speech I almost didn’t pitch, because I couldn’t figure out the title. Fortunately, Steve got involved as he watched me thrash around on my computer shortly before the submission was due. When I described what I wanted …

Discover how to keep your energy high as an introvert who speaks

Quick public speaking tips for introverts

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Employing these public speaking tips for introverts can make a huge difference! Six out of the last twenty-three days I’ve had speaking engagements. And twelve of the last twenty-three days I’ve been in attendance at events where I was speaking. Holy moly, that’s a whole lot of on-ness for this lil ole introvert! And, I’ve loved it. Here’s why. I’ve …

use your voice

Use Your Voice to Create Opportunities for Others

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I’m often asked how I wound up speaking at the United Nations during the Commission on the Status of Women. The answer is simple—a graduate of my Your Spotlight Talk program recommended me. One of my juiciest corporate speaking and consulting contracts came from another alum of that same program. Curious about how I get interviewed on CNN with a …